CRM is the life! And since life goes up and down, so does your company’s CRM work sometimes. Here are three classic obstacles you and your colleagues might encounter in your everyday work – and how to overcome them.

A CRM system has loads of advantages: you get full control of your customer relationships, help with customer prospecting, sales and marketing strategies and the possibility to create flexible and workable solutions for customer support and analyses. Among other things. Even though it’s the best thing ever (at least according to me and my colleagues), it requires some work. And just like with any other everyday chores, you run into problems sometimes:

“I want to do one thing but don’t know how”

Whether you and your colleagues have just started with your CRM system or you’ve been using it for a while, there will probably be situations where you find yourselves perplexed. You might know that it’s possible to create text shortcuts, copy a report or export call lists – but you don’t know how.

When you are in such a situation, there is one first, obvious destination: frequently asked questions, FAQ. In Lime CRM FAQ and Lime Go FAQ, we have collected tips and tricks, guides, technical issues and lots more for every system. Here you get answers to e.g. how you turn off fields, what to do when you get the message “Outlook is not responding” and which shortcuts are available. In other words, a wealth of information with most of the answers to your and your colleagues’ problems.

“I know how to do it, but I don’t want to”

For CRM work to be successful, it needs to be used as often as possible by as many people as possible. The target is always a 100% user level. But shortly after the start-up, it’s not unusual that the activity level drops. Old habits die hard and perhaps some colleagues are resisting change. What to do?

Chill; you don’t have to call for an emergency meeting: start by trying one or several of our seven steps to increase the usage of your CRM system. Perhaps it’s time to revise the system? Connect the outside world to make the work even more streamlined? Or motivate the colleagues with feedback in real time?

“I want to do one thing, but it doesn’t work”

Just like with other technical stuff, it sometimes happens that something in the CRM system isn’t working the way it should. Perhaps a button isn’t responding the way it should, a window looks strange or a tab is malfunctioning – there are many different technical issues that might occur.

Should you or a colleague find a technical error, it’s easy to contact our support. We will help you with troubleshooting, find answers to your questions and report any problems. However, at Lundalogik we prefer that everything works as it should from the very start. That is why we work continuously with preventive measures and we have, for instance, planned maintenance of our hosting solution for Lime CRM every third week. We cannot protect ourselves from everything – you know that as well as I do. In those situations it’s crucial with an effing great support and fast technicians to solve the problem. Luckily we have both!