Does your competitive instinct kick in when you set out the board games at home? Do people call you a “bad loser”? Use it at work! Put your mind to selling more than your colleagues – and let your winning mentality lead you towards a better result.

To be competitive has a huge advantage – like the drive you feel when you are at the starting line – whether it is a mental or physical one. Usually, this drive makes you perform better in a competition than “on your own”. So why not use the competitive instinct? Challenge your colleagues officially on compete with them in secret – and be on your way to the gold medal:

1. Assess the starting lineup and your current shape

The first thing you need to do to beat your colleagues is to understand where you are at the moment. How much do you and the others sell in a year? If you have a sales tool, you can easily find these figures, but if you don’t have a system, you have to make your own calculations and estimations.

Besides each person’s total sum, it can be interesting to check your own sales activities. How many sales calls did you have to make? How many customer visits? When you have an overview of all activities and their outcome, you can calculate your hit rate and the value of your average deal – which will help you when you are setting a new record.

2. Decide to set a new record

When you have an overview of the present, it’s time to look forward: how much do you need to sell to be the best? Break down your sales target into deals and activities per month, week or day. This way, you’ll have a detailed plan to see what you need to do to reach your target… sorry, beat your colleagues!

How is it done in practice? You structure your sales process with a three-step activity process. Suddenly, it’s crystal clear what you need to do! It takes out the guesswork – you just need to set out a plan and follow it.

3. Look over your shoulder – is everything going according to plan?

You have assessed the starting lineup. Assessed your current shape. Outlined a strategy. You’re at the starting line – ready. Bang – the starting gun goes off! Now what? Contrary to what you might believe, you shouldn’t go full speed ahead – you don’t want to risk getting lactic acid when you’re only halfway there. Stick to the plan and make sure you’re on schedule. Have you done this month’s activities? Great. Are your colleagues “behind” you? Even better.

When you have full overview of your own (and others’) sales, you can continue to drive your deals forward. Perhaps your colleagues have sold more than usual? Amend your plan and follow up next month – which is really simple with a great sales tool. Continue this way and eventually the gold medal will be yours!