Forget the yearly “how-did-it-go-and-what-can-you-perform-next-year” talk with your sales team – now you can follow up in an instant, every day, all year round! All you have to do is add the sales target and Lime Go will take care of the rest.

Every year, sales managers sit down one-on-one to have “the talk” and set sales targets with their sales staff. The two major questions are always 1) “how did it go this year?” and 2) “what can you perform next year?” Together, they break down the target to monthly sales activities and figures – often in an Excel sheet. And then that sheet is stored somewhere and might not be used as often as it should… But there will be no more of that from now on!

Both activities and deals are compared to the targets

In Lime Go, you have the option of adding sales and activity targets for each sales rep. The won deals and performed sales activities are compared gradually with the targets, so everyone can see if they are up to date or not. Clever, right?

Let’s say that your Sales rep Steve has a target of selling for 100,000 Euro and the average deal is worth 5,000 Euro. Together, you have calculated that with a hit rate of 20 % in every step, needs to close 20 deals, do 100 customer visits and make 500 sales call this year. If you and Steve add these targets in Lime Go you can see if this month’s “quota” of sales calls has been filled, how far he has come on the road towards his sales target and how many customers he still has to visit this month. And so on.

Your, my and our targets in one place

In addition to the individual sales and activity targets, Lime Go also measures your company’s overall target. All sales reps’ activities and won deals are added and compared to the total budget, so everyone can see how the business is going. You are all aiming towards the same target, aren’t you?

All targets and activities are also open to everyone in your company. This means that a sales rep cannot only keep track of their own activities and the company’s; they can also see if the colleagues are up to date. Something that could encourage the winning mentality! And moreover, the transparency makes it a lot easier to encourage, support and coach each other to reach new heights.

Get started in two quick steps

The only thing you need to do to get a better overview of how all the sales reps are performing in comparison to the budget is to 1) create a strategy with sales targets and activity targets for each sales rep and 2) add the targets in Lime Go. Then you can just follow the development. It’s as simple as that!

If you have any questions concerning how Lime Go measures your sales reps’ targets, you are welcome to contact us and we’ll be happy to tell you more about it. Want to know more about other functions to facilitate your everyday work? Check out our FAQ and upcoming webinars!