Finding great leads is one of the major challenges in sales. A challenge that we want to help sales reps overcome. By combining our vast amount of business information and machine learning we’re able to look at your customers and give you recommendations for companies that you should get in touch with. In other words – finding great leads for you.

Recommendations just for you

How does it work?

Our “Artificial Intelligence”-master Micke could have written an essay full of acronyms and algorithms do’s and don’t’s… The basics however are that we look at the companies that you’ve set “Relation: Customer” on and ask questions to see what they have in common:

  • Are they all in the same industry?
  • Do they all have about 10 employees?
  • Are they from the same geographical area?
  • Etc.
The result is, you guessed it, recommendations tailored for your business!

Where do I find my recommendations?

Head over to Contacts -> All companies and voilá – there they are waiting for you! You need to have at least one (1) company marked as a customer to receive recommendations. However, more customers = better recommendations.

How often will I get new recommendations?

To start with we will give you new recommendations once a week, with a fresh batch waiting for you every Monday morning.

Does it work for all markets?

Unfortunately, the recommendations will only be available for the Swedish market to begin with.

When are my recommendations available?

Now! Sign up or sign in to check them out!