Do you want to be even better at making sales? Then there are some physiological tricks that are great to have up your sleeve. They are not complicated at all – you just need to start from other people’s instincts.

Sometimes our brain takes shortcuts and is a little lazy. For example, a customer might pass on the cheapest pasta in the supermarket since “cheaper always means poorer quality” Thanks to that, and a number of other “rules,” you as a sales person can easily influence your customers’ decisions into a certain direction. For example, by aiming higher than you had planned, starting with a small request or using a variety of types of evidence, you increase your chances of getting a “yes”. Here are four more tricks that make you into a better sales person:

1. Be the friend through fail and foul

Have you ever wondered why companies sponsor large sports events or hire celebrities as spokespeople? The answer is very simple and is spelled “sympathy”. We humans prefer to say yes to a request from someone we know and love. It’s difficult to say no to a friend, isn’t it?

It’s therefore not a bad idea to get the customer to genuinely like you as a person. Forget uptight “business talk” and hone your social skills instead. Impress with praise and services, be your most gorgeous you and point out similarities – those are some of the things you can do to retain your customer. If the “friendship card” feels a little inappropriate in a certain situation you have another alternative: to associate your product/service with something else (or someone else) the customer likes.

2. Be the one-eyed one in the kingdom of the blind

“Authority” – does that sound like a scary word for you? It’s not: authority can increase the probability that a customer will listen to you and follow your recommendations. And it’s no wonder: our entire society is built around hierarchies and us following other “experts”. Everything revolves around making our everyday lives as painless as possible. But did you know that a great deal is about surface?

When we assess if a person in an authority or not, we don’t do it through some advanced analysis. Instead we look at symbols like titles and clothes. To bring out your authority you don’t have to boss people around and be mean. Just wearing a suit and having a trustworthy title signal that you are important – and your propositions are therefore worth saying “yes” to.

3. Let the opportunity make the customer

You’ve probably heard the saying “the opportunity makes the thief”. It’s almost the same with customers: if they are offered a great deal they will take it. But the offer cannot be general. Only products and services that are scarce are interesting. Why? We believe that things that are difficult to get hold of are better than those which are readily available.

It’s often true but businesses and sales people use it to entice purchase. “Offer is only available until Sunday” and “limited edition” are classic examples, but exclusivity can be twisted in endless ways. Instead, think about how you can use it in the best possible way in your sales work. A unique opportunity makes the customer, that’s for sure.

One final piece of advice

Some of the tricks above and those I mentioned in “Psychological sale tricks that attract the customers” are pure contradictions. To be friends with a customer whilst showing authority can be difficult. It doesn’t work to aim for the stars and ask for a tiny finger. Does this mean that psychology contradicts itself? No, different methods affect different people in different ways. Make sure you have full control of your customers and pick the cards in your sleeve that work for each customer. Good luck!