Every so often, I encounter customers in my sales calls who don’t have time to take that call right there and then and would like me to send them some information. No matter how tempting it might be to just send them the information and then move on to the next customer, I would like to know if the time I’ve spent could lead to something more than just a mail. So how do you respond to these calls in order to move forward?

First you have to find out if they really want information. There are three simple questions to ask and if they can’t answer them, then they are not interested – move on! If they can answer your questions, send the information and make sure you book a feedback call to keep the customer interested.

Questions to ask to decide whether the customer is really interested or not:

  1. What? – What do you want me to send?
  2. When? –When do you need the information? (nobody needs the information right away, make sure you don’t spend valuable time compiling information without a fixed time.
  3. Why? Why do you want the information?

Have they answered all the questions above? Then book a follow-up appointment. This is the easiest way to do it: Would it suit you if I follow up next week? If so, on which day? Would X o’clock be good? Excellent, then I’ll send you a calendar invite so that you remember that I will be calling you!

Good luck!