Imagine if there were lots of identical twins with your best customers: businesses with similar problems, also desperate for your company’s services and products. Wouldn’t that be great? What sounds like a fantasy is actually a reality – this is how you benefit from it!

Twin for the win!

Before we start searching for your customers’ twins, it’s time to talk to talk about why this is a smart idea. The following points are the three main advantages:

  • You already understand the problematics of a certain industry or a certain kind of business and have the solution, which facilitates your sales work.
  • You have experience with similar deals and are therefore more confident in your contact with new leads.
  • You have relevant references, boosting your credibility even further.

By targeting twins of your existing customers, your sales work becomes a great deal better. But how do you find these magic leads?

A database, jam-packed with companies, makes it easy to find matches

Our sales tool Lime Go is jam-packed with company information and contact details. It consists of almost 1 300 000 Swedish companies and their profiles, which contains information regarding number of employees, turnover, average salary and lots of other fun stuff. You don’t know the best part yet – you have access to everything. You can of course search and filter all the data. Did I mention that everything is presented in stunning and manageable graphs? And that the information goes back five years? This way you can easily see if it is a growing, standstill or shrinking business and if it’s worth your time.

How to get started with twin lists

With all the company information at your feet, it’s child’s play to create call lists with twins of your best customers in Lime Go. All you need to do is click on “Promotions” in the left-hand menu and select “New call list”. Then you enter the name of your existing customers in the search field and you get a finished list, ready to be processed!
Should you only find very few twins of the company you entered, you could do a wider search. Remove some criteria and only keep the factors that make up the core common denominator for your customers. Perhaps it’s a geographical location or a certain turnover? Or maybe it’s a very specialised industry and a certain number of employees that connect your customers?

To finish off with a helping hand

Do think that this twin list thing sounds amazing? Then I think you should try Lime Go for 48 hours, look for your customers’ twins and then call around like a maniac! You get to try it for free, so what have you got to lose?