Business cards here, business cards there. Those little pieces of paper seem impossible to get away from when you work in sales. And they are important. But where you do keep them all? Forget the pile on your desk or entering them digitally – now you have the Lime Snaplead app!

Business cards are hopelessly outdated if you think about it. I mean, haven’t we come any further than exchanging little pieces of paper when we want to connect in the year 2017? Of course we have: we can add each other on LinkedIn or enter each other’s contact info on our phones. Still, we hold on to our business cards. And no wonder: a business card conveys so much more than just information. It has a visual design, is tangible and perhaps even has a particular scent.

Stop using business cards? Hardly!

As business cards are such a natural part of how we build new relationships, we are unlikely to stop using them in a near future. They have become a part of the “ritual” when we meet new people – and old habits die hard.

At the same time, it’s unsustainable to hoard and manage all the business cards you receive. It can be thousands in one year if you network a lot! That is why you need a system for how you organise and store your business cards. Here are some examples:

Piles on the desk, the wallet or in binders are not the best ways…

If you choose to organise and store your business cards physically, there are several places you can store them: in a rolodex on your desk, compartments in your wallet or special binders. This method might work for someone who networks less than a salesperson, but for you, it will probably turn into a very high pile on your desk or in your wallet! It is also important to organise them in a uniform way (alphabetically, according to date or subject?), otherwise it will be impossible to find the right information.

… but creating digital contacts by hand takes time

Do you usually take a business card and then enter the details into some digital address book or in a system and then throw away the bard? Then you are not alone: with this way of saving “the cards”, your contacts are always a few clicks away and you don’t have to manage any pieces of paper. The only negative is that it takes time to enter the information. And it’s insanely boring.

Scan and store it directly in the right place with our Snaplead app

For you to have all your contacts in one useful place (meaning not in a drawer in your desk or a binder) without having to enter all the contact details by hand, we have developed an app. We call it Lime Snaplead and it is quite amazing if I do say so myself: it scans all the information from your business cards and then sends your new contact to where you want it. Perhaps directly in Lime Go? Your own inbox? Or why not a colleague, if someone else is taking on that contact?

Psst – in Lime Snaplead, you can also mark how “hot” the contact is. Convenient, isn’t it? So go ahead, network and get even more business cards to store! With our app, it’s child’s play. Download and try Lime Snaplead here.