As a sales rep, you prefer to contact a lead, a prospect or existing customer when the person is satisfied and happy. But it’s difficult to be familiar with another person’s internal clock. So how should you pace your sales activities? Here are some valuable insights.

With the right timing in your sales work, you will not only make more conversions, you’ll also work more streamlined and have time for other things. It’s not really a surprise that companies have tried for years to find an answer to when is the very best time to contact potential and existing customers. So what is their conclusion?

Email: a “mid-week” activity

Beloved, despised email – no other means of communication is as convenient and frustrating. You don’t depend on people responding for you to get your message through, but emails can also be time-consuming and there are often misunderstandings along the way. Think about how you use your email, but also when you do it. CoSchedule have compiled ten different surveys on e-mail marketing and they have concluded a number of things, such as:

  • The best weekdays to email are – in this order – Tuesday, Thursday and Wednesday.
  • There is no “magic time” for emails but morning or afternoon are usually recommended.

If you are sending an email to a lead, prospect or existing customer, Tuesday morning or afternoon is the best time, according to surveys. But we can’t limit our emailing to this degree. Should we only be emailing one day per week? No, but try to avoid sending emails around lunchtime, and send the more important ones in the middle of the week. That’s my suggestion, anyway.

Call: for the early bird and afternoon owl

A classic phone call has many advantages when you are contacting potential and existing customers. It’s more personal than an email and you can readily answer questions of a more complex nature, without giving an account the length of a short story. But a phone call is also more disruptive and requires a lot of attention from the one you are contacting. That is why timing is of the essence and perhaps some insights from Hubspot’s list of statistics can help you find the golden opportunity:

  • Preferably call on Wednesdays or Thursdays. Best times are 6:45-9:00 AM or 4:00-6:00 PM.
  • Avoid calling before lunch on Mondays and after lunch on Fridays.

In other words, more or less the same guidelines apply as for emails: avoid Mondays and Fridays, and stick to mornings or late afternoons when you contact someone. But you are of course welcome to call us at Lundalogik whenever you want – we respond Mondays, Fridays and during lunch as well!

Close a deal: Opt for Hump Day

The very best thing you can do as a sales person is to close a deal. So how do you increase your chances of doing so? By opting for Hump Day. At least if you believe the article “The Best Day to Close a Sale (Infographic)” claiming that:

  • Sales reps close the most deals on Wednesdays.
  • The most sales activities happen on Wednesdays.

Wednesday is The Day for closing a deal, but this requires quite a lot of work as well. Be prepared to give 110% and make sure you book those important meetings and place those important calls on a Wednesday. It’s worth a try at least, don’t you think?