Do you think that the everyday work with Excel sheets, post-it notes and mail folders is pretty OK? Perhaps even safe and convenient? Then you are not alone. But there are actually some really good reasons for all CRM sceptics to reconsider.

My colleagues and I are often asked why companies should invest in a CRM system. Although we usually don’t like to scare people, we sometimes need to talk about the risks involved in not working with CRM. Here are three of them:

You risk missing out on major business opportunities

That disorder leads to missed business opportunities seems pretty obvious. I mean, who would not agree with this statement? On the other hand, few convert the lost business into actual figures. I find that strange, considering it’s simple math to find out the value of a company’s average deal: take the total value of all the deals your company did last year and divide it with the number of deals. Easy peasy!!

So let me ask you a question: what would it mean to your company if you, or a colleague, missed out on a deal because of negligence? That is not an unlikely scenario. Say that every sales rep has 30 tenders out. Without a CRM system, it’s difficult to get an overview, to prioritise and remember to get back when you have promised to do so. In other words: it’s easy to miss a deal. That will be expensive in the long run!

Valuable customer information could be deleted

Each person in a company having exactly the contact details, documents, to-do lists they need might seem practical and convenient. But with all the information scattered across the employees’ own computers, the company becomes very vulnerable. What happens if someone gets sick? Is on holiday? Or quits? All valuable data becomes inaccessible due to password, or is deleted.

Having lots of so called “information islands” is therefore a bad idea and can be a huge financial risk for the company (if you can’t access information you might miss out on a deal – which has a monetary value). The saviour is a CRM system that collects all information in one place and is accessible to everyone. This way, someone else can step in and replace a person who is on sick leave, holidays or recently left the company.

Your time is consumed by unnecessary searching

How often are you looking for information in messy folders and files? Probably much more often than you think! A survey by YouGov on behalf of Canon in 2012 shows that 43% of respondents spend 30 minutes or more every day looking for information. In a year that makes almost 3 weeks! Not very efficient, is it?

With all the information in a CRM system you can spend your time on more productive things than hopeless searching. You could close some more deals. Answer more questions from customers. Or perhaps just treat yourself to a longer lunch break every once in a while.

“Come to the bright side – we have cookies”

As previously stated, we at Lundalogik are not into scare tactics. That is why I would like to highlight our white paper “Succeed with CRM”, which is an introduction and step-by-step guide to succeeding with CRM. It contains, apart from a section with the risks mentioned above, lots of interesting reads on why CRM is so important and what your company can gain from it.
Welcome to the bright side!