“Customers are more volatile nowadays” people usually say. Is it really true? Or have we just gotten worse at maintaining our relationships? I believe it’s the latter, so I wanted to share five tips on how you can get a customer to stay loyal to you. Not because the person has to do so, but because they genuinely like you. So keep reading!

A customer will stay with you and your company if they like you. It’s as simple as that. So we have to think about this: why do we like other people? Relax, you don’t have to solve this very philosophical question all by yourself! Lots of people have been pondering and exploring this phenomenon that is commonly referred to as “attraction”. One of the authorities on this topic is the psychologist Elliot Aronson, and according to his research you can do the following to get someone to like you:

1. Be your most attractive self

That we like beautiful people is not just a myth; it’s scientifically proven. For example, there is a study that shows that teachers are affected by students’ attractiveness and give different punishments when they have misbehaved. Another study shows that an attractive outside positively affects other people’s perception of you. In other words: it’s a great idea to put some efforts into your looks before a customer meeting and be your most attractive self!

2. Show your expertise (but don’t be perfect)

Another way to get a customer to like you is to show off your skills and talents. “But nobody likes a show-off,” you might think. True. But we humans like to be right – and the odds are in our favour if we surround ourselves with competent people. That is why we are drawn to people who know what they are doing and what they are talking about. Like someone who shares their knowledge on how to become a better sales rep.

3. Shine socially with praise and favours

You probably already know this, but people like to be praised, and they like when someone is doing them a favour. To give a compliment or two and give your customer a helping hand are therefore safe bets for being liked. But did you know that you can also ask them do something for you? It might seem backwards. Why would they like you if they have to make an effort? It is called justification: if the person is doing you a favour, it’s because they like you. Right?

4. Highlight similarities between you and your customers

“Birds of a feather stick together” as we usually say. It’s actually true: we like people who are like us. It could be sharing the same interests, values, opinions or other similarities that confirms for someone that we think and to the right thing. Once again: we like to be right. Having said this, I do not recommend that you become a reflection of your customer. But if you agree with them – say it instead of keeping quiet. Or talk about your latest ski trip if you know that your customer is a keen skier.

Tips! Similarity is not only good for attraction, it’s also rather practical. It could be a clever move to contact new customers that are similar to your existing ones as they probably have the same needs. To work with twin lists in your sales work is therefore a clever move!

5. Tell them that you like them!

Sometimes we humans can be very complicated. Other times we are very simple, like when we start liking someone just because they like us. Yep, it’s true! We like people who like us. So when you’re at your next customer meeting: say what it is that you really like about the person or the company. Don’t just think it – say it out loud.