If you google “close deal” you get a huge number of hits. There is an abundance of tips ranging from “ask the question” to “talk to all decision makers”. I love it however, when it’s a bit more grounded and perhaps customised for Sweden. I have therefore talked to our sales reps and compiled the most important parts for a good and quick closure. So, here you are, these are the main reasons our sales reps are closing their deals (and believe me, they do):

You have listened to the customer

One of the most important characteristics of a sales rep is the fine art of listening and providing answers to the questions asked. When you talk to a customer, ask questions that teach you about their needs and issues. Show the customers that you care about them and their situation. If you want suggestions to what kind of questions you can ask – read this blog post about SPIN-selling.

You have sold a result, not a process

On paper, many providers and services look similar. What makes your company unique? Why should customers buy from you instead of your competitors? Listing the strong USP’s (unique selling points) of your business helps both you and your customers to understand your company and the services and products you offer.

You have the biggest value, not lowest price

Everyone wants the most and best service for their money, meaning the best within the framework of the budget. That is not the same as the lowest price so beware of getting caught in that trap. Be clear when showing the customer what they are getting for their money and put the money into your USP’s and other values that your company provides. It gives you a great competitive advantage.

Recognise the buying signals

To learn to recognise the buying signals for your industry is a great advantage. By doing so you can give them exactly what they need in that exact stage and in that way help the customer move forward in the buying process. Typical buying signals can be questions regarding the pricing, implementation time or questions regarding references and existing customers. When you recognise the buying signals – move quickly on to number 5!

You dare to ask about the deal

It might sound so obvious – but there are still so many sales reps who are afraid to ask. What have you got to lose? You will save everybody’s time even and if you don’t get a “yes” right away, you get an indication to where in the buying process they are and you can help them move forward. If they are not ready to close a deal right now, ask what they need to be able to make a deal and provide it. Then you will get your agreement signed much faster. At worst, you’ll find out that the customer won’t make a deal with you and then you can prioritise your time on other customers with more potential. So again, what’s the worst that could happen?

We have closed 20 deals since Friday, how about you? Start your free trial and closer more deals!